My Commercial Loan Servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not only service commercial real estate loans. We offer our services for investment property loans such as single-family residences and 1-4 units.
A performing loan is a loan that is in good standing and consistently meets all its payment obligations. The borrower is up-to-date on their payments and is not considered at risk of defaulting.
A sub-performing loan is a loan that shows signs of potential delinquency. This could include late payments, missed payments, or other financial challenges faced by the borrower. While not yet in default, these loans require close monitoring and intervention to prevent further decline.
A non-performing loan is a loan that is in default, meaning the borrower has missed or is unable to make their payments. These loans require immediate action to minimize losses and potentially recover the outstanding debt.
We offer a range of services to help borrowers avoid foreclosure, including loan modification, forbearance plans, and workout agreements. We will work with the borrower and other stakeholders to find a solution that prevents property seizure and protects the interests of all parties involved.
If foreclosure becomes unavoidable, we will handle the legal process efficiently and professionally. We will work to maximize the value of the property and ensure all legal requirements are met.
We understand that bankruptcy can be a complex and challenging situation. We will work closely with the borrower and their legal counsel to navigate the bankruptcy process and protect their interests.
We offer a variety of convenient payment methods, including online payments, ACH transfers, and credit card payments. You can also choose to receive your payments via direct deposit.
A payoff demand is a formal request for the full amount of the outstanding loan balance, usually within a specified timeframe. This typically happens when the loan matures or the borrower defaults on their payments.
A loan modification is an agreement between the borrower and lender to change the terms of the loan, such as the interest rate, payment amount, or loan term. This can be a valuable tool to help borrowers avoid default and keep their loans in good standing.
You can update your contact information, bank account details, or other personal information by contacting our customer service team.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our customer service team. We are available by phone or email.
The processing time for specific requests or services can vary depending on the complexity and required documentation. However, we strive to provide fast and efficient service whenever possible.