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Loan Servicing for Commercial & Investment Real Estate

My Commercial Loan Servicing offers a complete loan servicing solution for commercial lenders, brokers, and institutions.

Why Choose My Commercial Loan Servicing?

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Get your loans boarded quickly and smoothly with our streamlined process.


30+ years of loan servicing

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Gain valuable insights and actionable data into your portfolio with our comprehensive reporting tools.

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Our competitive fee structure and transparent pricing model help you optimize your returns.

Fully Scalable05

Whether you manage one loan or a hundred, our adaptable services scale with your needs.

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We outlay the protected advances

Who We Serve

We understand that the world of commercial loans can be complex, and navigating the different types can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer our services for a wide range of commercial loan categories, ensuring we cater to your specific needs.

Commercial Lenders

Institutions or individuals who provide debt financing for commercial real estate projects.


Loan originators who connect borrowers with lenders for commercial real estate financing.

Investment Firms

Companies that manage and invest capital on behalf of clients in commercial real estate assets.

Equity Funds

Investment vehicles that pool capital from multiple investors to acquire and develop commercial properties.

Success by the Numbers

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Performing, Sub-Performing, & Non-Performing Loans


A performing loan is a loan that is in good standing and consistently meets all its payment obligations. The borrower is up-to-date on their payments and is not considered at risk of defaulting.


A sub-performing loan is a loan that shows signs of potential delinquency. This could include late payments, missed payments, or other financial challenges faced by the borrower. While not yet in default, these loans require close monitoring and intervention to prevent further decline.


A non-performing loan is a loan that is in default, meaning the borrower has missed or is unable to make their payments. These loans require immediate action to minimize losses and potentially recover the outstanding debt.

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